Redefining physiotherapy - making you stronger than before. Highly recommended!

I started my first physiotherapy with O2 physio due to a wrist injury from doing yoga.
Prior to my therapy at O2, I have been treated by another physiotherapist and a Chinese doctor. They were able to largely relieve pain in the wrist which could support my daily activities. But as soon as I resumed arm balance practice and doing poses that require wrist strength like plank, it began to ache again.

The treatment experience at O2 was starkly different vs my previous experiences:

1. Education/knowledge sharing - Rather than starting the healing process immediately after understanding my situation, the therapist spent a considerable amount of time explaining the diagnosis, the reason for injuries and body needs, etc. This allowed me to be on the same page and understand my body better. This also offered hope and reasonable expectation of recovery.

2. Treatment approach - Instead of merely focusing on relieving the pain, strengthening the weak part held equal importance, if not more. The strengthening exercises shared by the therapist were very helpful. I honestly felt the injured parts much stronger than before and allowed me to deepen my practice pain-free upon being healed

3. Dedicated 1:1 session - For the 30-45 mins treatment session, the therapist focused fully on the patient, hence very efficient

4. Chill and comfy environment which made the sessions somehow enjoyable despite the pain
Janice Tsui 2 years ago
I had a serious car accident. Most people should know that resorting to public physiotherapy tends to yield nothing and is a waste of time. It was only as good as helping me get by and I couldn't even lift any weights. After doing some research online, I picked O2 physio. In addition to massage and acupuncture treatments, the therapist thoughtfully tailor-made exercise plans for me. In just a month, I have recovered from not being able to carry heavy stuff to getting back to the gym and hiking and going on boat tours. Definitely recommend.
Lawrence Chan 2 years ago
I twisted my ankle while playing basketball. I was recommended by a friend to visit O2 Wellness.
Different from other physiotherapists, O2 Wellness emphasizes manual therapy and acupuncture and also other rehabilitation exercises. In my past physiotherapy experiences, physiotherapists have to handle at least two to three patients at the same time, while, in contrast, the treatment here is one-to-one. This makes me feel more at ease and confident.
Tsz Fung 2 years ago